Vendor Management

One of the most popular features of our Managed Services package is Vendor Management. You probably have vendors such as an internet service provider, web host, copier/printer vendor, security system provider, as well as software vendors for products such as CRM or ERP software. With our Vendor Management service, Gotageek acts on your behalf with your technology vendors. Now Gotageek can be your single point of contact for any technology related issues. For example, if your Internet connection goes down, Gotageek will contact your ISP and work with them to resolve the issue so you don't have to.

Guaranteed Compatability

With Gotageek as an authorized contact with your vendors, we'll make sure that any changes or modifications to your services are compatible with all of your systems. For example, your phone vendor is suggesting you upgrade your phone system to VOIP, but is the new system compatible with your network? Is your new multi-function printer going to work with your remote desktop applications? With Gotageek managing all of your systems and your vendors, we will make sure that every upgrade is compatible with your current infrastructure, or we'll let you know what improvements are required to support the upgrade.

Vendor Qualification

If one of your vendors isn't performing up to your standards, we can help you source a new vendor for the same service. We’ll do the research, ask for quotes on your behalf and provide you with the results so you can quickly and easily make a new vendor selection. We’ll also manage the transition from one vendor’s services to another so you can stay focused on your business.