Unlimited Support

Quit trading time for money

 It sounds simple because it is simple. Instead of paying for hourly break-fix support, try something different. As a Gotageek Managed Services customer, your company has access to unlimited support during normal business hours (8am - 5pm CDT). That includes remote support and on-site support. If your business operates during a different schedule (weekends or extended evening hours) then we can work with you to create a custom support plan that better suites your company's needs.

Support and More

As a Gotageek Managed Services customer, the word support takes on a whole new meaning. Of course you get support if there's a problem, but you also have support when there isn't a problem. We provide employee training, I.T. purchasing support, project management, and more.  You can think of us as your in-house I.T. Department. Have us provide an online webinar to show your employees how to use MS Office more efficiently.  Or maybe your electronic file storage is out of control. Whatever you need, we're there for you.