Asset Management

As your network grows, it can get harder to keep track of how many pc's and servers you have, which machines have which operating systems,what software is installed on which computers, which service packs have been installed in which computers, etc. With Gotageek Managed Services, we will always know everything about every computer/printer/server/peripheral device on your network.

Ready for an insurance claim?

If your office were to suffer fire damage, how would you provide your insurance company with a claim for your I.T. assets? Our network monitoring service does more than just monitor, it does a complete discovery of all hardware and software on your network. This allows us to provide a complete inventory of your IT assets, including the make and model of your pc's and servers, CPU type and speed, amount of RAM, software installed, etc. This is the information you'll need to be sure your assets are valued correctly. 

Are you legal?

Is all of the software on your network being used with licensing compliance? As your company grows it gets harder to keep track of how many installations of a particular software package you have. Our monitoring software makes it easy to discover licensing violations before someone else does.