24x7 Network Monitoring

We use our best-in-class network monitoring tools to monitor our clients' networks and devices such as servers, computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.


Our monitoring parameters are based on established I.T. best-practices, so if any device or service is operating outside of optimal performance we'll know about it and take proactive measures to make sure they are operating the way they should.


In the event of a problem with any of your monitored devices, an alert is automatically generated to our service center and an email or page is dispatched to our technicians. In most cases the problems are resolved before you are even aware there was an issue.


The data collected during monitoring is stored indefinitely so we can provide historical data to show trends such as disc space, CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc.
When we suggest replacing a piece of equipment or an improvement to an existing piece of equipment, you can be assured that we have the historical data to support our recommendation.


We will also monitor your company’s website. If your site is down, typically you find out because a customer has notified you. With Gotageek monitoring your website, we will notify you and assist in getting your site back up as soon as possible.