Managed Online Backup

Could your company survive a major data loss? Many companies could not. Hopefully you already have a good data backup strategy in place. But even if you do there are still risks that need to be addressed.

Got Tape?

Physical backup systems can sometimes fail due to mechanical reasons, such as a bad tape or a tape drive malfunction. Sometimes employees forget to rotate backup tapes. Tapes can be lost or destroyed. In the event of a fire or flood, your backup media may be rendered useless.

Redundancy Rocks! 

Our online backup service offers additional protection so you won't experience data loss. Your Gotageek Managed Services package includes 20 GB of online data backup storage (you can buy additional storage as needed). We can use it to suppliment your existing backup system, or it can be your primary data backup/recovery system. Either way, Gotageek will monitor your data backups and make sure your data is protected.