Network Protection

We know how difficult it can be to stay protected from the many types of threats lurking out there. So we decided to make it simple. As a Gotageek Managed Services customer we'll provide you with all of the security you'll need.

Managed Firewall

All Gotageek Managed Services customers receive a hardware firewall appliance with integrated gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and content filtering. The firewall is locked-down so the only data allowed in and out of your network is the data that you authorize.

Managed Network Anti-virus

We don't stop at the firewall, we know each and every client on your network needs protection as well. Our anti-virus solution is designed for easy deployment and centralized management. Working in conjunction with the firewall, we can guarantee that no server or PC will be able to access the Internet without protection installed. And you'll never have to buy another renewal, it's included in your Gotageek Managed Services package.

Email Anti-spam/Anti-virus

Some threats to your network are threats to productivity. Email spam can cost your company thousands of dollars a year in wasted time spent filtering, deleting, or (even worse) responding to email spam. Then of course there is always the threat of viruses being sent via email. With Gotageek Managed Services, your email is filtered for spam and viruses before it gets to your inbox. Our solution will work with all email systems and provides email failover. If your email server goes offline for any reason, our solution will queue your emails for up to 3 days. Once your server is back online, emails that were queued are delivered. You don't lose a single email.

Web Content Filtering

Get control over what sites your employees are allowed to visit and what programs are allowed to access the Internet. Is somebody abusing your bandwith by streaming audio at their desktop? What about illegal file sharing? With our Web Content Filtering feature, we'll help you design and implement an Internet usage policy that protects your company from the productivity and legal issues arising from improper Internet usage.